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Wesko eLocks provides secure Bluetooth access to enterprise eLocks with your smartphone or tablet.

Wesko Lock App

The free Wesko Lock App works with any Wesko eLock.


Operating users can skip the keypad and use their eLock(s) with the App

  • Enter passcode once, securely stored in the App
  • 1 button lock/unlock
  • Easily change passcode
  • Monitor battery status


Enter a valid admin passcode and the App opens into a powerful management tool

  • Discover lost passcodes
  • Add or delete users
  • Change configuration settings (e.g., resident employee or multi-user)
  • Review activity logs


App Features

  • “Find Me” mode provides easy access to single eLock in large bank of lockers or cabinets. When activated, eLock tile in App turns green and moves to top.
  • eLock firmware broadcasts eLock “Name” which can be customized to match customer seating plans or employee names.
  • “My Locks” screen shows only the eLocks with permitted access.
  • Invite remote users by email and grant access securely.


Wesko App provides enterprise level security
  • Data transmitted between eLock firmware and smartphone over Bluetooth communications is secured using AES Encryption.
  • Bluetooth security timeout 5 invalid attempts to enter passcode via App will lock out the Bluetooth for 15 minutes. Timeout can be reset using admin code on the keypad only.
  • Bluetooth communications can be toggled off by the Admin.