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The Surface Mount provides a retrofit eLock that inserts into existing lock housing and requires no tooling.

Surface Mount

  • Surface mount retrofits into existing mechanical lock housing
  • Lock core adapters for Wesko customer or prospect key series
  • Easy, secure installation
  • Motorized locking engagement with manual knob
  • Powerful and easy administration with Smartphone App
  • Access with keypad or free ‘Wesko Lock App’

Mechanical Options

  • Left, right or vertical orientations
  • Surface mount maintains rotation of mechanical housing: 90/180, CW/CCW
  • Electronic locking with manual knob
  • Installed with rear screws or optional press-fit snap-in installation

Firmware Configurations

  • Resident employee – multi-use code managed by the user
  • Multi-use day locker/workstation (hoteling) – any code to lock
  • Pre-programmed to match seating plans
  • Optional laser-etched ID codes on lock face
  • Preprogrammed customer specific admin codes
  • See technology section for more firmware configuration options