Welcome to Wesko-eLocks.com
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Wesko's proprietary gateway and cloud management services provides secure real-time management of eLocks across the enterprise.

Cloud Management

  • Cloud management provides secure real-time monitoring & control
  • Manage single office or distributed enterprise
  • Add-on to existing installation with no change to eLock firmware
  • Plug & play access points via low-cost tablet gateway server

The Connected Office

  • Associate passcodes to real-world users by email address
  • Remotely manage & monitor eLocks
  • Add & delete users remotely
  • Unlock/lock remotely
  • Centralize history logs and user files

Management Capabilities

  • Associate passcode with employees
  • Record employee information, including name and department
  • Activity tracking by passcode, employee or eLock
  • Supports date & time range passcodes for hoteling
  • Supports single use passcodes for package pickup
  • Programmable alerts by eLock or user
  • Over-the-air firmware updates

Cloud Management Technology

  • Secure platform for our OEM partners
  • Wesko-hosted multi-tenant offering
  • Optional customer-hosted model integrated with their technology
  • Industry standard Docker containers
  • Multi-platform support (Google, Amazon, in-house linux)
  • Restful interfaces simplify integration of customer databases and services
  • Secure HTTPS implementation protects user data

Gateway Technology

  • Manages Bluetooth elocks in range
  • Bridges between Bluetooth & WiFi
  • Local filtering & caching provides robust Bluetooth communication
  • Proven LG tablet technology
  • High performance WiFi – BT solution
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (Dual Band)
  • Optional hard-wired Ethernet
  • Backup LTE network support